Lorenzo Cromwell, known to many on Instagram as Callhimrenny, has 1.4 million  followers and that count is growing daily! “I consider myself a regular person,” says Cromwell. “I don’t like the whole celebrity idea. I just like the idea of me giving something to you that you like.”

Most of his videos follow a format that his followers have grown to love. With his profile close-up he says something hilarious with a straight face and then the sad outro melody plays. The melody has become his signature. It made its debut during a skit where Cromwell was looking into an empty refrigerator all the while reminded of how broke he was.

“I said literally nothing in the video, it was all face expressions and the cue for the music, and that got like 2,000 likes and of six, seven hundred comments,” said Cromwell. “Everything that I do in my videos that is repetitive was built along the way. I just found it as I was recording, and I saw the reaction that I got from it, so I kept doing it.” From the first post to his most recent one, he is still the same person-Lorenzo Cromwell, Renny for short.

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